City Of London Employment Opportunities


Various Positions Ref # Closing Date
Business and Zoning Coordinator B-77-18E(B) 7/17/2018
Casual Building Attendant C-17-18E 7/29/2018
Casual Facility Program Supervisor C-16-18E 7/29/2018
Clerk Assessment B-109-18E 7/20/2018
Customer Service Clerk B-104-18E 7/13/2018
Customer Service Representative – Revenue B-106-18E 7/18/2018
Dietary Aide D-37-18E 7/22/2018
Director, Roads and Transportation M-48-18E 7/26/2018
Documentation Services Representative B-47-18E(B) 7/19/2018
Manager II, Corporate Security M-47-18E 7/17/2018
Personal Support Worker D-01-17E Not Specified
Planner II B-62-18E(B) 6/29/2018
Property Appraiser/Negotiator B-107-18E 8/1/2018
Recreation Coordinator D-35-18E 7/22/2018
Registered Nurse D-03-18E(b) Not Specified
Registered Practical Nurse D-04-18E(b) Not Specified
Seasonal Tourism Counsellor B-105-18E 7/15/2018
Supply Services Representative B-108-18E 7/29/2018

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