City Of London Employment Opportunities


Various Positions Ref # Closing Date
Aquatics – Summer Instructor/Lifeguard AQ-005-18E 6/15/2018
Aquatics- Summer Wading Pool Lifeguard AQ-002-18E 6/15/2018
Casual Arena Building Attendant for Special Events, Springbank Gardens or The Civic Garden Complex C-01-18E 3/2/2018
Casual Cafeteria Food Services General – City Hall C-47-17E 2/25/2018
Casual Dance/Drama Program Instructor C-50-17E Not Specified
Child/Youth/Family Cheerleading Instructor C-54-17E Not Specified
Co-op Student – Development Planning S-12-18E 2/19/2018
Day Camp Counsellor- Junior Day Camp Counsellor AS-010-18E 2/25/2018
Day Camps/Playgrounds – Day Camp Counsellor AS-009-18E 2/25/2018
Day Camps/Playgrounds – Playleader AS-008-18E 2/25/2018
Day Camps/Playgrounds – Social Skills Camp Counsellor AS-011-18E 2/25/2018
Day Camps/Playgrounds – Summer Inclusion Counsellor AS-015-18E 2/25/2018
Day Camps/Playgrounds – Summer Surprise Day Camp Counsellor AS-014-18E 2/25/2018
Day Camps/Playgrounds – Tennis Instructor AS-016-18E 2/25/2018
Day Camps/Playgrounds – Youth Camp Counsellor AS-012-18E 2/25/2018
Day Camps/Playgrounds- Designated Inclusion Support AS-013-18E 2/25/2018
Day Camps/Playgrounds- Senior Playleader AS-017-18E 2/25/2018
Golf – Food Service Crew Staff FSG02-18 3/9/2018
Golf – Food Service Supervisor FSG01-18 2/28/2018
Golf – Pro Shop Cashier FSG05-18 3/9/2018
Manager I, Housing Administration and Support M-12-18E 3/1/2018
Manager II, Economic Partnerships M-15-18E 3/6/2018
Manager, Security – Regional Water Supply M-09-18E 2/28/2018
Manager, Strategic Programs and Partnerships M-13-18E 3/1/2018
Motor Vehicle Mechanic W-08-18E(B) 3/15/2018
Personal Support Worker D-01-17E Not Specified
Registered Nurse D-03-18E Not Specified
Registered Practical Nurse D-02-17E Not Specified
Seasonal Tourism Counsellor B-23-18E 3/2/2018
Specialist I, Municipal Policy (Children Services/Child Care) M-14-18E 3/1/2018
Storybook – Coordinator Food Services SBG-003-18E 3/15/2018
Storybook Gardens Park Staff SBG-001-18E 3/2/2018
Storybook Gardens-Day Camp Counsellor SBG-002-18E Not Specified
Student – Urban Forestry S-14-18E 2/25/2018
Student- Operational Support S-16-18E 2/25/2018
Student- Planning Services S-15-18E 2/25/2018
Student-Children’s Services S-19-18E 3/2/2018

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