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Rewarding and fulfilling employment, literacy, and self-esteem.
Serving both Aboriginal & non-Aboriginal populations since 1978.

These are important aspects of the dreams of many who live in Canada. From childhood to retirement, these aspects are the foundation of how our society operates; it is the social patchwork that joins the quilt of our just society. As we reflect on how the world of work has changed since the early 1900, and more recently through the development of technological, web based employment, it is no wonder that more and more individuals need assistance in the preparation for the finding and maintenance of employment.

Incorporated as Nokee Kwe Occupational Skill Development Inc. in 1983 to sponsor a funded employment readiness training program, our organization has always been at the forefront of providing services to Aboriginal and Non-Aboriginal.


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Learn more about our free employment and career services, government grants for re-training and post-secondary education, youth and summer student programs, job search support, apprenticeship, and skill building workshops.


Hire with the help of our employer services, recruitment and HR support services, training incentive programs, & ongoing support at no cost to you.

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Native Education Center

Meeting literacy and numeracy needs in a supportive environment.
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Aboriginal women creating +positive personal narratives and +positive community connections

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