Serving the Indigenous and Non- Indigenous Youth and Adults since 1978.

Rewarding and fulfilling employment, literacy, and self esteem

We offer culturally sensitive, client-centered and holistic approaches in our work that focuses on identifying and finding solutions to employment and learning barriers. We continue to expand in order to fill important gaps in the educational and training needs of both the Indigenous and Non-Indigenous populations in the London and surrounding communities

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Meeting literacy and numeracy needs in a supportive environment.

Nokee Kwe is proud to be a contributing partner to the Indigenous Culture Card

Indigenous women creating +positive personal narratives and +positive community connections




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I really like volunteering at Nokee Kwe because I spend each day learning things that help me overcome my barriers to personal growth. When I attended many of Nokee Kwe’s workshops I learned insightful and informative ways to increase my independence, benefit my future, and prepare me for employment. I am very grateful to the Nokee Kwe staff for helping me reach my full potential and gain the confidence I need for my post secondary program. 

Thank you, 

Margo Doxtator

Definitely want to give you and Nokee Kwe a 5/5. Everything you guys have done has been fantastic. I enjoyed speaking with all of you and also want to say thanks for provided me with proper attire for my interviews. The clothing was a definite game changer. I received many compliments related to how professional I looked at each interview. As well, I wanted to say thanks for reaching out and contacting me to see if things are going alright. I’ll definitely recommend Nokee Kwe to people if they have need of any of the services Nokee Kwe may provide.


Nokee Kwe has been instrumental in helping me find my next step towards employment and personal success. Their friendly and helpful staff assist you in any way they can and are a great resource and very knowledgeable about employment issues. They will do everything they can to answer any questions you have. The workshops that Nokee Kwe presents are very well instructed and designed to educate and inspire you for your next employment steps. I would highly endorse Nokee Kwe for any of your employment needs.

David Stoesz

I have an update on the hires that were made from the candidates that you were so wonderful in finding for us for the 2016 Census. You and your team were instrumental in assisting us to find qualified candidates to take on the role(s) of Crew Leader(s) and Enumerator(s) and I cannot thank you enough for your cooperation, assistance and the use of your impressive facility to conduct testing sessions and interviews.


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