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Recruitment Services

At Nokee Kwe, our goal is to make the recruitment process as smooth as possible for you and your team. We offer the following services, all free of charge:

  •  Advertising your job postings, enabling you to reach a wide pool of strong talent.
  •  Recruiting, networking, mentoring and job fairs, allowing you to screen many applicants while investing minimal time.
  •  Pre-screening of candidates according to your needs.
  •  Training incentives for qualified employers.
  •  Ongoing support to ensure placement success.

We can provide information about ….EO programs we offer

Ask how we can support you with accessing government grants to train new or existing staff, changes in employment and related legislation, apprenticeship, support for terminated employees, and free workshops.

Career Directions Program

Nokee Kwe Career Directions Program can assist you with support and funding for your organization’s training needs through the Canada – Ontario Job Grant. The grant provides financial support to employers who would like to enroll employees in training programs…..

Youth Internship Initiative

Ontario Works Initiative

include Affirmations from a staff member “We are committed to providing quality service to job ready candidates”….What some employers are saying about us…And include what some placement participants are saying about us.

Tid Bits Employers Should Know

Five easy steps to hiring an apprentice.

Hiring an apprentice is a simple, straight forward process.

Step 1: Have a qualified journey person on staff to train an apprentice.

Step 2: Call (519) 667-7088 expert staff can help you find the right apprentice.

Step 3: You must register your apprentice with the Ontario Ministry of Training. Colleges and Universities to begin the training program and take advantage of the government of Ontario financial assistance available.

Step 4: Train your apprentice. Your apprentice will learn on-the job from the journey person on your staff.

Step 5: Release your apprentice to attend class. In-class training is an integral part of the apprenticeship. In-class time ensures that your apprentice is knowledgeable and up-to-date with the most recent trends and technology. Classroom training comes at no cost to you as the employer.


Revenue Canada


Elgin Middlesex Oxford Workforce Planning and Development Board

The Apprenticeship Network


The Apprenticeship Network

Employer Testimonials

You and your team were instrumental in assisting us to find qualified candidates to take on the role(s) of Crew Leader(s) and Enumerator(s) and I cannot thank you enough for your cooperation, assistance and the use of your impressive facility to conduct testing sessions and interviews.

Cheryl (“Charlie”) Courchesne
Recruitment Clerk – Six Nations (Reserves)
Statistics Canada Census 2016

The Staff at Nokee Kwe thank the Employers for their Testimonials.