About Us

+Positive Voice is an innovative professional development and bridging program in London, Ontario that supports the development of positive narratives and positive community connections. Our participants are urban Indigenous women, 18 years and older, who are transitioning to employment or education.

Positive Voice has been nominated for the Champion of Mental Health Award by CMHA Middlesex in 2017 and 2018. Positive Voice won the Community Innovation Award at the Pillar Community Innovation Awards in 2017. The Positive Voice program was established in 2016 and we are excited to see it grow. To read our pilot project evaluation, click here.

We have received Seed and Grow grant funding from the Ontario Trillium Foundation, and the London Community Foundation’s Community Fund for Canada’s 150th.

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Program Sessions

As part of our 7 week program, participants learn more about social and digital media, photography and writing positive narratives through hands-on experience and through interacting with guest speakers and artists. In addition, we hosted government representatives from the city, provincial and national levels. The content created by our participants is shared through InstagramTwitter and Facebook. The entire process is participant driven and overseen by an advisory committee of Indigenous women and community practitioners.

Community Exhibit-London Public Library


We will be offering community workshops to extend the reach of our program over the next 2 years. We completed a hand drum making workshop on April 14, 2018. We also held a skirt making workshop in June 19 and 20, 2018 with Lisa Hill from Moccasin Flow and a wellness workshop on June 24, 2018 with Maribel Ayala at the White Oaks Family Centre .

We will be offering more workshops in the fall

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Participant Referral Form


Is your client an urban Indigenous woman experiencing a life transition and over the age of 18?

+Positive Voice assists urban Indigenous women with developing positive life narratives and positive community connections. We are not a peer support or group therapy program and providing one-on-one support or counselling is not within the mandate of our program. Participants must not be in crisis and must demonstrate that they are in transition to education or employment in order access the program.  Childcare also needs to be in place as we do not have the facilities to provide childcare.

 Please ensure that your client is aware of the need to attend every day of the program in order to ensure completion. Accommodation can be made in the event of unexpected personal circumstances based on consultation with the Program Coordinator.

Do you have a signed consent to release your client’s information to +Positive Voice?

Before submitting a referral, the person named in the referral must give written consent for you and your agency to share information with +Positive Voice at Nokee Kwe. This information is kept confidential by Nokee Kwe and the +Positive Voice program.

SUBmitting a referral

Please provide the following information and submit by email. Please call 519-667-7088 to obtain the email address for the Positive Voice Coordinator or fax referral to 519-667-4872.

Name of Referring Agency

Counsellor/Contact Name

Counsellor/Contact Telephone Number

Counsellor/Contact Telephone Number

I have written consent from my client to share information between my agency and Nokee Kwe. Yes/No

Full Name of Client

Client Birthdate

Client Telephone

Client Email

Why is this client being referred to the program? Are there any specific accommodations required related to literacy or education level?

Is the client currently receiving support through Ontario Works?

Ontario Works ID Number (If Applicable)

Once the referral is received, your client will be invited to attend an intake appointment.